Northeast Clean Energy Application Center


The Northeast CHP Technical Assistance Partership encourages the deployment of the following clean energy technologies in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New YorkRhode Island and Vermont through educating prospective end-users and policymakers and through providing project support:



DOE Boiler MACT Technical Assistance

On December 20, 2012, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized the Clean Air Act pollution standards, National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Major Sources: Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Boilers and Process HeatersPDF (known as ICI Boiler MACT). This standard applies to large boilers in a wide range of facilities and institutions. DOE will offer technical assistance to ensure that major sources burning coal or oil have information on cost-effective clean energy strategies for compliance, such as natural gas combined heat and power (CHP), and to promote cleaner, more efficient boilers to cut harmful pollution and reduce operational costs. This technical assistance effort is in accordance with the August 2012 Executive Order on accelerating investment in industrial energy efficiency, including CHP. The Northeast Clean Energy Application Center is offering this supplemental Technical Assistance. Contact Beka Kosanovic at the Northeast Clean Energy Application Center for more information.




NYSERDA PON 2568 CHP Acceleration Program. NYSERDA will provide financial incentives for the installation of pre-qualified (or conditionally qualified), pre-engineered CHP systems by approved CHP system vendors at customer sites that pay the SBC surcharge on their electric bill. Incentive funds will be allocated on a site-by-site, first-come-first-served basis in the order of application receipt until December 30, 2016 or until all funds are committed, whichever comes first. An application is not considered “received” until it has been deemed full and complete by NYSERDA. The maximum incentive per project is $1.5M and the maximum CHP system size is 1.3MW. PON 2568.

NYSERDA PON 2157.Renewable Portfolio Standard Customer -Sited Tier Fuel Cell Program. Up to $1 million available for fuel cell systems rated larger than 25 kW and $50,000 available for fuel cell systems rated at 25 kW or less. Proposals due December 31, 2015. PON 2157.

NYSERDA PON 1746. The FlexTech Program Opportunity Notice seeks customers interested in receiving cost-shared analysis of energy efficiency technical evaluations, process improvement analysis, energy master plans, retrocommissioning, and development of peak-load curtailment plans (PLCPs) of their existing facilities as well as combined heat & power (CHP) feasibility studies for implementation within existing facilities. Proposals due December 31, 2015 or until funds are fully committed. PON 1746.

NYSERDA PON 2373.Distributed Generation as Combined Heat and Power (DG-CHP) Proposals due October 4, 2011. PON 2373.

NYSERDA PON 1931 Distributed Generation and Combined Heat and Power (DG-CHP) Funding Opportunity. Proposals due December 23, 2010. $17,000,000 Available.


Northeast CHPI 2010 Annual Conference

Northeast CHPI 2010 Annual conference to be held Novemeber 10, 2010 in Madison Oneida - BOCES (Rome, NY) . Registration link available NOW.


U.S. EPA has isued an RFP for non-construction, market-based approaches to promote energy efficiency. CHP-related activities are eligible. Deadline to apply: Oct. 27. More

NYSERDA/Northeast CHPI Combined Heat and Power Demonstration Program Honored by ACEEE.