Northeast Clean Energy Application Center


CHP Project Profiles

There are many buildings already benefiting from integrated systems for cooling, heating and power. These systems use a variety of on-site or near-site power generation technologies integrated with a variety of heating and/or cooling technologies. A database of these installations is available on an affiliated site.

Detailed reviews have been performed on a number of selected sites. For each of these sites, Site Summary (1 page), Fact Sheet (2 pages), Case Study (4 pages), and/or detailed Site Report (10 to 20 pages), are available. Some sites may have information that has been provided by others, such as vendors, installers, government agencies, universities, or professional associations. This information, where available, will be found in the column for “Other”. The Information provided by others has been reviewed for reasonableness, but has not been verified for accuracy.

Over time, additional information will be added to the database based on research, studies and from information submitted by others, including you. If you have information about a CHP system, not found in our database, please help us update the database by providing us with the information. We will have a user-friendly input form here if you would like to provide us with system information. Meanwhile you can email us with this information.

The database is a tabular listing of the various installations of existing or potential CHP installations that provide information regarding the equipment and the site such as:

  • Site Name
  • Location
  • Project Status
  • Building Type
  • Building Size
  • Project Description
  • Reasons for choosing CHP
  • Design Issues
  • Operating Schedule
  • Heating Load
  • Sensible Cooling Load
  • Latent Cooling Load

For convenience, all information in the database is searchable by the following parameters:

  • State
  • City
  • Building Type
  • Power Technology