Northeast Clean Energy Application Center



The Northeast Clean Energy Application Center will serve to identify and promote the use of viable CHP technologies and systems in applications where they can increase energy efficiencies, reduce operating costs, reduce electrical loads on the utility electrical grid in areas where it is taxed, and shave peak load demands from the grid. The Application Center will serve to bring together manufacturers, utilities, building operators, research and development organizations, industry associations, energy service companies, architects and engineers, and national laboratory personnel to promote on-site and near-site power generation, energy recovery, and energy management and utilization for commercial, institutional, multi-family and community based buildings.

The Northeast Clean Energy Application Center has been established to expedite the successful deployment of viable CHP technologies by providing:

  • Technology Education
    • Training Seminars
    • Technical Information
    • Presentations
    • Information Website
  • Engineering Tool Kits
    • Case Studies
    • Screening Tools
      • See a comparative analysis of available screening tools here
    • Current Policies
    • Area Contacts
  • Engineering Project Support
    • Pre-Screening CHP Assessment
    • Site Specific CHP Feasibility Study
      • Site Assessment Visits
      • Electric Load Profile Analysis
      • Thermal Load Profile Analysis
      • Combined Heat and Power System Selection Analysis
      • Combined Heat and Power System Sizing Analysis
      • Preliminary Economic Analysis
      • Recommended Next Steps
      • See a sample CHP Feasibility Study here
    • Assist in Project Justification
    • SWAT Team Assistance

The long-term vision of the Center is that by the year 2020, CHP for Buildings will be the preferred method of energy utilization in commercial and institutional buildings.


Tom Bourgeois, NAC Co-Director for Education and Outreach
(914) 422-4013 (voice)
(914) 422-4180 (fax)

Beka Kosanovic, NAC Co-Director for Technical Assistance
(413) 545-0684 (voice)
(413) 545-1027 (fax)