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Currently there are at least 29 systems installed in Maine, providing 1,196 MW of electric power. Historically these have been concentrated in the wood products and pulp and paper industries. More recently there has been CHP development activity in the health care, education, and multi-family residential sectors.

One list of current CHP in Maine, EEA’s installation database, is available at

NERAC has conducted several case studies of CHP in Maine.

CHP Market Potential

No formal CHP potential study has been conducted. Interpolating from experiences in other states, there likely remains good opportunities for small to medium sized CHP installations in the commercial and institutional markets. Natural gas is available in many cities.

Policy & Incentives

The NERAC has prepared a database of incentives in the Northeastern states, including Maine.

Maine Greenhouse Gas Initiative

The Maine Climate Action Plan provides a strong endorsement of CHP as a climate change mitigation measure: CHP incentive policy is listed first in order of cost effectiveness.

State Agencies

Maine State Energy Program


There are 13 regulated electric companies in Maine, many of them quite small. The Maine PUC keeps a list of contact information for all utilities. The three largest utilities are:


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