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New Hampshire


Currently there are at least 17 systems installed in New Hampshire, providing 90 MW of electric power. New Hampshire CHP installations have been sited at pulp and paper facilities, as well as a wide variety of other facility types, notably health care and education, and utilize a variety of fuels including wood and other biomass.

A list of current CHP in New Hampshire, EEA’s installation database, is available at

CHP Market Potential

No formal CHP potential study has been conducted for New Hampshire. Interpolating from experiences in other states, there likely remain many good opportunities for small to medium sized CHP installations in the commercial and institutional markets. One estimate determined a technical potential of roughly 340 MW in 1,700 sites, with fewer than 15 of those sites larger than 5 MW.

Policy & Incentives

The NERAC has prepared a database of incentives in the Northeastern states, including New Hampshire.

In April 2006, the NH PUC opened a docket, DE 06-061, to consider five new federal energy standards created under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct). EPAct requires that each state PUC make specific determinations as to whether implementation of the standards is appropriate, or whether it is already progressing in that policy area. Docket DE 06-061, “Investigation of the Implementation of Standards of the Energy Policy Act of 2005” is currently underway, and information is available on the PUC web site. The PUC will announce its findings regarding interconnection and real time metering in 2007, and regarding net metering, fuel diversity, and generation efficiency in 2008. this action may benefit CHP.

Interconnection Policy

Currently, standard interconnection procedures apply only to net metered systems (solar, wind and hydro up to 25 kW).


NH has an output based emission policy affecting large wholesale electric generators. HB 284 was signed May 9, 2002 and became effective on July 1, 2002. The law can be found here.


There are four regulated electric utilities in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire PUC keeps a list of contact information for the electric utilities it regulates:

  • Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH), a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities, serves approximately 70 percent of the retail customers in New Hampshire.
  • Granite State Electric Company (GSEC), a subsidiary of National Grid, serves approximately 6 percent of New Hampshire retail customers, primarily in western and southern areas of New Hampshire.
  • Unitil  Energy Systems (UES), a subsidiary of Unitil Corporation, serves approximately 11 percent of New Hampshire’s retail customers, in the Seacoast and Capital areas.
  • New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) serves about 11 percent of retail customers, in central New Hampshire.

Map of New Hampshire Utility Service Territories

Natural gas is available in some areas of New Hampshire.